1. Very excited that my years of pretend price scanning can finally be seen at :32 of this new American Express commercial with Tina Fey. I also made all the beep sounds.

  2. latenightseth:

    Don’t worry. If you didn’t understand this Live New Yorker Cartoon, editor David Remnick is here to break things down

    Alison let me keep all my tissues in her baaaaaaag. 

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  3. I've been wrong about improv all along.


    I always thought that improv was like a mountain that you could get to the top of.

    I figured practising it was a long uphill journey to ‘getting good’. That those stages you go through when you lose confidence is like sliding back down the mountain a few feet but ultimately if you keep your head…

    Maria is so talented and also gives the best advice in the universe. She’s the best. Me love her.

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  4. heyelaine:


    Precious Plum outtakes!

    This series is the most fun I’ve ever had on set. I laughed so hard I cried. It’s a miracle we got any useable footage where we didn’t break.

    "Hey. Get in the game." I could not love Elaine or Josh more. Precious Plum is amazing.

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  5. nicolemarietherese:

    Abra reblog!

    Girl, thanks!!

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  6. ucbcomedy:

    Who is classier than Lydia Hensler, Morgan Grace Jarrett & Abra Tabak? No one.

    Go to The Lady Jam! http://east.ucbtheatre.com/shows/view/2975

    Lady Jam! Next jam is Saturday, October 12th at UCB Theatre East at 11:30 p.m. After that we are back at Chelsea. Let’s dance!

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  7. Oh, just me rocking some Jaclyn Smith linen pants as Paula Deen.

    The amazing Eliot Glazer as Robin Thicke. Featuring the fantastic Dan Fox (Anthony Weiner), Christian Polanco (TI), and Nore Davis (Pharrell).

  8. You know how sometimes you think to yourself “If I met [insert name of celebrity] I would be normal, not a crazy fan, and we would really get along”? I think that a lot, but then I saw the screen grab above and realized I would be crazy.

  9. More UCB ladies at Madewell! 

  10. Oh man, remember when a bunch of advanced study students, writers, and performers got together at Madewell? You are totally right, I took way too long to post these pics. But talking about it last night filled me with joy thinking about everyone coming together. What an incredibly talented, hilarious, amazing group of women. 

    UCB ladies 4 eva



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